STECIS, the Trade Credit Insurance & Surety Academy endorsed by ICISA, now offers an online course on how Trade Credit Insurance protects companies and banks against the risk that trade receivables are not paid.
The course focuses on the principles of Trade Credit Insurance and its role and importance to domestic and export trade.
The course is aimed at career starters and anyone looking for more knowledge of Trade Credit Insurance such as CEOs, CFOs, Finance or Credit Managers, Treasurers, owners of SMEs, lawyers, bankers, brokers, and journalists.

Course Outline:

Functioning of Trade Credit Insurance in the Credit and Financial Management of companies and Risks covered by Trade Credit Insurance (payment default, insolvency, political risks)
Possible Types of Cover (Credit Limits and how to apply for them)
Risk Underwriting (Country and Buyer Risks, Credit Limit Underwriting)
Risk Mitigation (Collection etc.) and Claims Handling
Pricing and Premium
Industry and market overview, reinsurance of Trade Credit Insurance , state aid provided during the Covid-19 pandemic

The course will be organized on 27 November 2020 and 3 December 2020. To register, go on this link: