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Our focus

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With the emergence of Solvency II and other risk-based capital regimes, there has been a period of rapid change in prudential rules for insurers.

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The relationship between credit insurance and banking is an important and growing one.

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State aid refers broadly to interventions made by countries in support of specific companies or in other ways engaging in private markets.

Technology and

Credit insurers and sureties (as well as their reinsurers) analyse large quantities of data and often must make rapid, automated decisions.

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Environmental and
social governance

How we respond to the existing and emerging challenges of climate change, demographic shifts and socio-economic challenges are the major questions facing governments, businesses and individuals right now.

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What you may have missed – Part 2: What is happening in the wider world of regulation and policy?
31 May 2024
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Our glossary of terms

TCI Terms

ICISA’s Catalogue of Credit Insurance Terminology clarifies the most commonly used terms in the industry in clear and simple language. It can be used as an easy reference or industry manual for experts and non-experts alike.

Surety Terms

The Catalogue of Surety Terminology aims at clarifying most commonly used terms and bond types in clear and simple language. It is useful for those unfamiliar with surety, but also as an important manual for industry professionals.

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