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How we respond to the existing and emerging challenges of climate change, demographic shifts and socio-economic challenges are the major questions facing governments, businesses and individuals right now. As key protections within trade, supply chains, infrastructure development and investments, credit insurance and surety will play a role at the heart of adaptation to more sustainable ways of doing business. ICISA supports its members in understanding regulatory and policy changes, as well as contributing to public discussions on the role of financial services in supporting these changes.

ICISA members are aware of the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging ESG policy and regulatory developments. Our aim is to help members understand the quickly-changing landscape of laws and regulation related to ESG, and ensure that their voice is heard in debates about how those laws are constructed and implemented. ICISA works closely with other associations who share our interest in adapting to ESG requirements, as well as identifying best practice that can be applied to our sector.

We aim to provide input on discussions about evolving capital requirements for insurers and banks to account for ESG principles, including climate risk. This is to ensure that our sector is appropriately represented and that rules are fit for purpose. ICISA also encourages the greater availability of information about the sustainability practices of businesses throughout the real economy to ensure that risks can be appropriately underwritten and accounted for within portfolios.

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