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News Surety Committee Surety Trade Credit Insurance ESG Tech & Innovation
ICISA takes up role on the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy’s ESI 2.0 Expert Advisory Board
16 May 2023
Responding to the urgent challenge of climate change is a major concern for society and business. The transition to a cleaner and more sustainable economy comes with the need to balance immediate economic needs with longer term thinking. That's why ICISA is pleased to have been able to join the Expert Advisory Board of the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy (BASE) Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) 2.0 project.
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News Reinsurance Surety Trade Credit Insurance ESG
Doing what’s right – taking care of the S in ESG
4 Oct 2022
While ESG has become a common term within financial services in recent years, most people take it as short hand for environmental action, or other steps to limit climate change. Of course, that’s just the “E” element, while the S and the G sometimes take a back seat.
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News Surety Trade Credit Insurance ESG Insurance Regulation
Green investment plans create opportunities for surety and trade credit insurance
18 Aug 2022
Green investment lies at the heart of government policy around the world to respond to economic challenges faced today and the recovery from the pandemic. Trade Credit Insurance and Surety have an important role to play in delivering stability and certainty
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News Surety Trade Credit Insurance ESG
Building resilience in emerging markets through credit insurance and surety
27 May 2022
While it may seem like that money could be used in other ways, the resilience insurance brings to businesses is often understated.
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News Asia committee Surety Banking Rules ESG Insurance Regulation State Aid Tech & Innovation
India publishes guidelines for surety market
11 Jan 2022
The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) published finalised guidelines on 3 January 2022, setting out for the first time, rules governing surety business in India.
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News Reinsurance Surety Trade Credit Insurance ESG
ESG integration into insurance business
15 Oct 2021
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News Trade Credit Insurance ESG State Aid
Trade Credit Insurance’s role in building supply chain resilience
20 Jul 2021
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