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Anne is responsible for managing the renewal, servicing and growth of the trade credit portfolio within Lockton LLP London.  She has been working in the Trade Credit insurance sector for over 20 years. During this time she has worked in Ireland, Denmark and the UK.  Anne took a job in an insurance brokers the summer she finished college, she thought it would tide her over until she figured out what exactly it was she wanted to do career wise. 20 years later…..

What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt during your career?

Never hold back on applying for a job or a promotion because you’re underqualified. Everyone feels like a fraud.

How did you get to where you are today?

By constantly putting my hand up (even if not always entirely sure what for) and having supportive managers asking “why couldn’t you?” along the way.

What is the best advice you would give to an aspiring leader?

Two ears, one mouth” – i.e. shut up and listen!

What are you proudest of having achieved to date?

Professionally: Winning the 2016 Rutter Medal award. The Rutter medal is awarded to the best Fellowship by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Personally: Representing Ireland in women’s road bike racing.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Meeting with clients is still the best part of my job as there is a story behind every company. I’m always interested to learn how a company started, how the niche was spotted, how it grew etc. I really admire people who have the vision and the nerve to see a business idea through to fruition.