In the third day of the Trade Credit Insurance Week, experts from the industry talked about how can we attract and retain talent in the industry. We separately asked our members what makes it fun working in this sector, so here’s what they told us…

◉ Credit Guarantee: it’s a marvelous reason to get up in the morning to unlock the potential in the economy.
◉ Atradius: TCI is a global industry that gives opportunities to interact with different cultures and people from around the world.
◉ Coface: TCI brings insights into business and wider economy
◉ Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.: TCI connects you with your client
◉ SACE: TCI is connected with all kinds of trade and runs across all industries.
◉ Intact Insurance Specialty Solutions: TCI gives you diversity of businesses and people.
◉ Credendo: TCI is a diverse industry
◉ Allianz Trade: TCI is an industry that brings people together and that makes an impact.
◉ Lombard Insurance Company Ltd: it exposes individuals to all sectors of economy and provides a great platform of learning finance.
◉ COSEC: during hard economic activity and international trade, TCI gives you the opportunity to see from the perspective of small companies to very large financial institutions.
◉ Tryg Garanti: TCI is an industry that matters.

Our thanks to Charles Nortje, Andreas Tesch, Patrice Luscan, Shinya Tsukada, Valerio Perinelli, Jay Rampersad,  Joana Sylos, Anil Berry, Menso Kwint, Vassili Christidis and Mads Løgstrup for starring in this video.