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Seoul Guarantee Insurance Company

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Established in 1969, Seoul Guarantee Insurance has supplied a diverse range of guarantee and credit services that have paved the way for the development of Korea’s economy and the lives of individuals for more than 52 years.
In 2020, SGI established itself as the leading guarantee institution in Korea by delivering USD 1.8 billion in premium revenues and USD 302 million in net profit.
SGI was rated AA- by Fitch Ratings and A+ by Standard & Poor’s. With solid credit ratings, SGI expanded its business networks further by utilizing its global business presence: Hanoi Branch and representative offices in Beijing, Dubai and New York.
SGI, as a global guarantee insurer promoting the prosperity of both individuals and corporations, will exert its best efforts to bring its business to the next level and accommodate the needs of the fast changing financial market.

Board of Directors

MR. Kwang-Yeol Yoo (President&CEO)
MR. Byeong-Zu Ahn – Chief Audit Executive
MR. Eui-Tak Hwang – Executive Director
MR. Sang-Il Nam – Executive Director
MR. Wang-Yong Kim – Executive Director
MR. Weik Park – Executive Director