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About RenaissanceRe

RenaissanceRe is a global provider of reinsurance and insurance that specializes in matching desirable risk with efficient capital. The Company provides property, casualty and specialty reinsurance and certain insurance solutions to customers, principally through intermediaries. Established in 1993, RenaissanceRe has offices in Bermuda, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Our Purpose is to protect communities and enable prosperity.


RenaissanceRe was founded in June 1993 in Bermuda with the goal of embracing the emerging science of catastrophe modeling to bring a renaissance to the underwriting of property catastrophe reinsurance. Since our founding, we have stayed true to our vision of being the best underwriter and our mission of matching desirable risk with efficient capital.


On November 1, 2023, RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd. completed its acquisition of Validus Re, the treaty reinsurance business of American International Group, Inc. The acquisition brought together two of the best reinsurance underwriters and delivered additional risk expertise and scale to our clients,  accelerating the company’s strategy, expanding our ability to match efficient capital to desirable risk, and positively impacting each of our three drivers of profit – underwriting, fee, and investment income.


Our global credit portfolio consists of 3 pillars of business:

  • Credit, Bond, and Political Risk (asset backed financing, political risk, project finance, surety bonding and whole turnover trade credit)
  • Mortgage Credit
  • Structured Credit

Building on 20+ years of experience, we have demonstrated our commitment to sustainable growth with a focus on bespoke business solutions across all credit classes. Our flexible capital options span our global underwriting platforms. We work primarily with insurance companies (both diversified and mono-line) but also seek to do business on portfolios of risk ceded from banks and government agencies. Our Credit team includes actuaries, attorneys, cash investors, investment bankers, software developers, and reinsurance and claims experts.


Kevin O’Donnell – President and Chief Executive Officer

Fiona Walden Chief Underwriting Officer – Casualty & Specialty

Bryan Dalton – Chief Underwriting Officer – Property



RJ Shea, Global Head – Credit

Phone: +1 441 239 4807