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Groupama Assurance-crédit & Caution

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Groupama Assurance-crédit & Caution is part of Groupama, one of France’s leading insurance groups. Established in the 19th century as mutuals of farmers Groupama operates now in all insurance branches (P&C, Life, Health) and in Finance (Banking, Asset Management). In 2020 the group turnover was € 14.4 Bn (83% in France; 17% abroad).

The Groupama Group has subsidiaries in 10 countries in Southern Europe (Italy, Portugal, Greece, Turkey), Eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia), Northern Africa (Tunisia) and Asia (China & Hong Kong).

Since 1978, Groupama Assurance-crédit & Caution operates in the following business lines :

Credit Insurance
Domestic, Export – Commercial Risk,
Export – Political Risk

Customs, tax and similar bonds,
Bonds concerning purchases of goods and/or services,
Bonds concerning concessions and licences,
Other bonds: EU bonds, judicial bonds

In 2016 the global risk exposure is well balanced between France (50%) and international markets (50% in 167 countries).

Special Risks

They are aimed at operators who want to protect themselves from unpaid debts but for whom traditional credit insurance is not suitable.

The Groupama Assurance-crédit & Caution headquarters are located in Paris. Supported by the 9 Groupama regional mutuals (unions of 2,7500 local mutuals) Groupama A-C has its offices in Nanterre / La Défense.


Groupama A-C was created in 1978 as a joint venture between the regional Groupama mutuals to develop credit insurance and bonding solutions for their members. Originally the portfolio was focussed on the Food and Beverages sectors in which the Groupama group is strongly involved due to the agricultural history of the mutual companies. Groupama A-C has developed partnerships with professional unions to build specifics policies dedicated to some food industries.

In 1991 Groupama A.C became a “Société Anonyme” and an insurance company in its own right.
Since 1998, Groupama A-C has extended its underwriting policy to other industries such as Packaging, Chemicals, Transport and Metals. In the 2000’s Groupama Assurance-crédit & Caution relaunched the surety activity.

Groupama Assurance-crédit & Caution also runs an its activities on the special risks market.

Groupama Assurance-crédit & Caution is operating in France and in the European Union with the support of the international subsidiaries of Groupama Group.

Highlights since 2016

In November 2016 the company has been rebranded from Groupama Assurance Crédit to Groupama Assurance-crédit & Caution to reflect the  branches where GAC is operating.

Board of Directors

Sylvie Le Dilly – Chairwoman
Jean-Michael Pérès – CEO

Contact Person

Jean-Michel Pérès