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Company Overview
  • GreenStars is a credit insurance company with a focus on single credit insurance for banks. The company is indirectly owned by BNP Paribas S.A., Paris. the largest bank in Europe, and world’s seventh largest bank by total assets.
  • With currently 14 employees GreenStars generates a yearly premium income of more than US$100 million.
  • Policies are issued in more than 20 different jurisdictions covering risks around the globe. As a result GreenStars has a well diversified portfolio in terms of regions, industries and types of credit risk.
  • GreenStars delivers solutions for credit risk management, country risk management (including but not limited to traditional PRI policies) and increasingly capital management. In other words as insurer GreenStars helps to manage peak exposures and capital allocation to credit risk. In this respect GreenStars provides solutions similar to reinsurance companies for primary credit insurers since more than hundred years.
  • The company is supported by a sophisticated facultative and treaty reinsurance program and hence entertains a strong relationship with the single credit risk insurance market and sureties.

GreenStars was created in December 2009 when it obtained a license from Luxembourg’s insurance regulator to conduct credit risk insurance. In September 2017 GreenStars was licensed for surety business as well.

Motivation for the creation of GreenStars was to facilitate as specialised insurer a broader and more strategic interaction between the banking and the credit insurance industry. In addition to its own track record the company benefits from 20 years experience of credit risk distribution of its ultimate parent company. Also with the support from the reinsurance market GreenStars established an independent underwriting of credit risks.

Board of Directors

Thomas Alamalhoda (Chair)
Anne-Sophie Dufresne
Charlotte du Plessis (CEO)
Dr. Paul Wollny
Philippe Vienot
Rémi Esclattier
Sébastien Heurteux
Jean-Noël Scheirlinck

Contact Person

Katia Moreddu

Tel. +352-4646-4269