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Fianzas y Cauciones Atlas

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Mexico Surety

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Fianzas Atlas was established in 1936, being the Oldest Surety Bond Company in Mexico, and the only one whose shareholders are direct descendants of the founder.

Fianzas Atlas has been always characterized by its technical underwriting, based on the quality and capacity of their clients, in the technical, financial and moral solvency aspects, being very selective in the assumed business.

Fianzas Atlas is rated mx AA+ by Standard & Poor’s, and maintains an excellent relationship with the most important surety companies and reinsurers in the world. It’s internationally recognized as a key player in Mexico for bond structuring in large projects. It´s international division has been operating since 1972, with great success.

The company operates all surety lines and maintains an active participation in the world’s main surety associations like ICISA, PASA and the SFAA.

In October 2018, Fianzas Atlas was authorized by the Mexican Insurance Commissioner to start operating as a “Seguro de Caución” company, maintaining its traditional surety bond operations.

Since November 16th, 2018, changed its name from Fianzas Atlas S.A., to Fianzas y Cauciones Atlas, S.A.

Board of Directors

Mr. Rolando Vega Saenz – Chairman of the Board
Mr. Jorge Orozco Lainé – Executive Board Delegate
Mr. Gerardo Sánchez Barrio – CEO

Contact Person

Mr. Gerardo Sánchez B.