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DEVK RE was founded in Cologne, Germany in 1997, Echo Re in Zurich, Switzerland in 2008, as fully owned subsidiaries of the DEVK Insurance Group. DEVK Insurance was founded in 1886 with a focus on the insurance needs of German railway workers. It opened to the public in the late 1970ies and is today a major German private lines insurer located in Cologne.

The two reinsurance sister companies within the DEVK Insurance Group are both multiline reinsurance companies who have split the world between themselves according to territory: DEVK RE underwrites business from Europe, Israel, the US and Canada while Echo Re handles business from Asia, Africa, MENA and Latin America. Both companies write exclusively treaty reinsurance, with a very strong focus on nonlife business. They share their specialty lines underwriting resources to make best use out of the know-how and to develop globally diversified portfolios.

Key Facts about DEVK Re

As a member of the DEVK group, DEVK RE’s overriding objective is to have the most satisfied customer. For DEVK RE, this means actively meeting all of the standards and needs of the customers. This is no small task. To accomplish this, DEVK RE have set out a series of values to be observed consistently and in everyday’s work: trust, individuality and flexibility, transparency and continuity.

Key Facts about Echo Re

Echo Re was founded in 2008 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the German DEVK Group. Its treaty reinsurance portfolio covers all P&C and a broad range of specialty lines of business from cedants in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. Echo Re’s mission is to be a trusted reinsurance partner that is adding value by identifying needs in unison with Echo Re’s clients, jointly formulating effective solutions and providing streamlined reinsurance services.

DEVK RE Board of Directors

Gottfried Rüßmann

Michael Knaup

Bernd Zens

CEO: Gottfried Rüßmann

CFO: Bernd Zens

COO: Michael Knaup

CUO: Wolfgang Jöbkes

Echo Re Board of Directors

Bernd Zens

Michael Bloch

Gottfried Rüßmann

Peter K. Neuenschwander

CEO: Fabian Pütz

CFO/COO: Gregor Schulte

CUO: Paul Hertelendy



Riehler Strasse 190

50735 Cologne


Echo Re

Brandschenkestraße 18-20

8001 Zurich


Renate Kerpen

+49 221 7574414

+49 152 53342174