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Clal Credit Insurance Ltd. (the “Company”), is an Israeli leading credit insurance company. The Company offers both domestic and export credit insurance (commercial and political risks).
Domestic credit insurance – the Company is a market leader in the credit insurance activity in Israel and a pioneer in its activity in this field. The Company has been operating for about 38 years in this line of business and has over approximately 450 insured clients in its portfolio.
Export credit insurance – the Company began substantial activity in export credit insurance in 2001 and it insures debtors in more than 120 countries worldwide.
It’s the Company’s vision to lead the credit insurance market in Israel and continue its professional service to its insured clients by strengthening its clients’ credit management and support their growth by providing them with accurate assessments of the payment default risk of their buyers.

In 2018 the company began to offer Surety Bonds such as Bid Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds, Performance Bonds, Maintenance Bonds etc.

The Company’s headquarter is in Tel Aviv, Israel.


The company was established in January 1981 in Israel.
Clal Insurance Company Ltd., the leading insurance group in Israel holds together with Atradius N.V. 100% of the Company’s shares. The present ownership took place in 1999. Atradius N.V. holds a 20% of the Company’s shares and serves as the Company business partner.

Board of Directors

Mr. Yoram Naveh –Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Mr. Daniel Stausberg – CEO Atradius Reinsurance, Dublin.
Mr. Tal Cohen – CFO Clal Insurance Company.
Mr. Alon Katz –Head of Investment Accounting, Clal Insurance Company.
Mr. Jonathan Irroni – Director from the public.
Mr. Kobi Feller– Director from the public.
Mrs. Eti Langermann –Director from the public.

Contact Persons

Shachar Oshri – CEO

Eti Benano – CPA, CFO