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China National Investment & Guaranty Corporation (I&G) is a nationwide guarantee institution specializing in credit enhancement in China.

The company’s business philosophy is to enhance corporate credit, optimize allocation of social credit resources, improve market transaction efficiency, promote the building of social credit system and credit culture, and serve the national economic and social development by means of credit enhancement services. The company aims to become a market-leading investment and financing service integrator featuring credit enhancement in China.

After long-term development, I&G has formed a business line that crosses the currency market, stock market, and bond market, and is committed to building a business layout covering enhancement, asset management & investment and Fintech.

According to the compound appraisals of China Chengxin International Credit Rating Co., Ltd , China Lianhe Credit Rating Co., Ltd and Dagong Global Credit Rating Co, Ltd, I&G boasts a long-term corporate credit rating (financial institution rating) of AAA, rating outlook stable.


I&G was established by the Ministry of Finance and the former State Economic and Trade Commission in 1993 with approval of the State Council. It is now a Sino-foreign joint-venture company. Company was listed on National Equities Exchanges and Quotations in 2015.

Board of Directors

Mr. DUAN Wenwu – Chairman of China National Investment & Guaranty Corporation, Board Member
Mr. YAO Zhaoxin – Vice President, General Counsel of SDIC Capital Co.,Ltd, Board Member
Mr. ZHANG Shuai – Deputy General Manager of Equity Management Department of SDIC Capital Co.,Ltd, Board Member
Mr. ZHANG Yang – Deputy General Manager of Risk Compliance Department of SDIC Capital Co.,Ltd, Board Member

Mr. WEI Jianbo, Deputy General Manager of CCB International (China) Co., Ltd, Board Member
Mr. LIU Xiaoping – Senior Adviser of CITIC Capital Guaranty Investments Limited, Board Member
Mr. WU Shangzhi – Chairman of CDH Investments, Board Member
Mr. ZHANG Miao – Senior Manager Director of CITIC Capital Guaranty Investments Limited, Board Member

Mr. FANG Hao – General Manager of CITIC Securities Investment Co. LTD, Board Member
Mr. ZHANG Xianyun – Chief Partner of Beijing Zhongzhengtiantong Accounting Firms (special general partnership), Board Member
Mr. CUI Jianguo – Board Member

Executive Management

Mr. DUAN Wenwu – President
Ms. ZHANG Xiaohong – General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer
Mr. YAN Jun – Executive President
Mr. ZHANG Weiming – Chief Financial Officer
Ms. HAI Yan – Board Secretary
Mr. HUANG Zhi – Chief Risk Officer

Contact Persons

Ms. HAI Yan

Board Secretary

Phone +86 10 88822855 (direct)
Fax +86 10 68437040

Mr. WANG Ning

Manager of Executive Office(Board Office)

Phone +86 10 88822875 (direct)
Fax +86 10 68437040