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MENA Supply Chain Finance 2023

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7 Nov 2023 , 08:00
8 Nov 2023 , 17:00

Factoring and supply chain finance are becoming prime contributors to economic growth in the MENA region and interest in the products are at an all time high. By facilitating trade, reducing financing costs, optimising working capital and improving cash flow, businesses can invest in expansion, modernization and innovation. This makes the region more attractive for international trade and investment, promoting economic growth and development. The second annual MENA Supply Chain Finance forum will open its doors this autumn for those keen to learn about the current state of the new framework of supply chain finance in the MENA region including developments after the introduction of the Factoring Law (Federal Decree Law No. 16) of 2021.  MENA Supply Chain Finance 2023 brings together leading industry experts from around the region and beyond, service providers and regulators to uncover the industry’s top opportunities and challenges. This is an essential annual supply chain finance industry event for everyone involved or interested in MENA receivables and payables finance.

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