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Qatar Re is licensed as a Class 4 Insurer by the Bermuda Monetary Authority and write all major Property, Casualty and Specialty lines of business. By connecting deep sector experience with technical underwriting expertise, we are able to tackle the most complex of reinsurance challenges; managing risk and uncertainty around the World with precision. At Qatar Re, we understand how important it is to be present in the World’s major reinsurance hubs and to remain close to our clients’ core operations. That’s why we’ve established a network of offices in Bermuda , London, Zurich and Doha that supports our “close-to-cedant” vision. Qatar Re’s ratings reflect our underlying financial strength and the exceptional support provided by our ultimate parent, Qatar Insurance Company S.A.Q.

Credit, Surety and Political Risk
Qatar Re helps clients diversify their reinsurance panels, with capital not dependent on western equity markets, and offers credit, surety and political risk covers on a proportional and non-proportional basis. Qatar Re’s experienced and specialized team provides lead quota¬tion services, supports clients in product development and helps to create innovative solutions. It is also the goal of the underwriters to assist companies in initiating credit and surety business and executing operational reviews. In all client relationships, Qatar Re aims to be a reliable partner for the long term.


Established in 2009, Qatar Re is today a global reinsurance company based in Bermuda, with branch offices in Zurich and London and a service company in Doha, Qatar. In its initial years, Qatar Re focused on a range of classes in the MENA region and other African and Asian markets, complemented with business elsewhere in the world received from London. In 2013, Qatar Re embarked on a strategic expansion, the aim being to build a leading and broadly diversified global reinsurer whose mission is to make the market place more diverse, efficient and entrepreneurial. The branch in Switzerland, established in 2013 marked the start of this process. The move of the head office to Ber¬muda in 2015 positioned Qatar Re closer to its US client base.

Executive Management

Michael van der Straaten – Chief Executive Officer
Luke Roden – Chief Underwriting Officer, Short Tail Classes and Head of Ceded Re
Pantelis Koulovasilopoulos – Chief Underwriting Officer, Long Tail & Specialty Classes